Is it "STRENGTH for life" or "Strength for LIFE"?

What do each of those sentences mean to you?

The first can mean acquiring and having strength to live your best life. The latter can mean acquiring and having strength for your LIFETIME.
Both mindsets amount to hard work, both require dedication, both will make you strong. But strength for LIFE means you are in this for the long haul. Strength for LIFE means you are thinking 10, 20 years or more into the future.
Join Coach Angela, Tuesday evening at 6pm CST, for a special 30 minute mobility and recovery session. Immediately following join in on her 30 minute discussion on the "Three Essential Components" of training for Strength for LIFE.

You don’t want to miss Coach Angela discuss:

  1. Strength...How and why we must lift heavy at any age.
  2. Mobility...How and why we must incorporate mobility for joint health and training longevity.
  3. Cardiovascular...What the heck is Zone 2 and Zone 5 training anyway? Who needs it, for how long and how many times a week should we be doing it?
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