When it comes to building muscle, there's only one way to do it...

Moving heavy weights around the gym.

After all, the bigger the weights, the stronger you get. Right?

That's simply not true.

There are plenty of other ways to build strength, muscle, and see noticeable changes.

You only have time for 30 minute workouts and want to make the most of every minute?

You don't have consistent access to a gym, making it difficult to consistently strength train?

You want a different option from weight training?

There are other options.

You can get stronger, gain muscle, and increase your mobility and flexibility with a TRX or other suspension cables.

Whether you're completely new to the world of TRX training, or you've got some experience and want to level up your TRX movements...

We've got a program for you.

TRX Strength Builder - Beginner

A 4-week, 3x/week beginner-level program for anyone looking to build strength, stability, and coordination using only a set of TRX suspensions straps.

TRX Strength Builder - Intermediate

A 4-week, 3x/week intermediate-level program for anyone looking to build strength, stability, and coordination using only a set of TRX suspensions straps.

Here's what you get:

4 weeks of structured and effective TRX training taking you to elevate your strength and performance.
3 challenging workouts every week to keep you training consistently without forcing you to spend every day completing grueling workouts.
Easy-to-follow warm up videos and exercise video demonstrations to show you the proper form of each movement, prevent injury, and help you progress more quickly.
Semper Stronger App access to house your program, log your progress, and track your data.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Jackson - Entrepreneur

As someone who travels frequently and utilizes TRX while on the road, the TRX Strength Builder program from Semper Stronger gives me exactly what I need to get a great workout from anywhere, anytime. Instead of coming up with random exercises like I used to do, it was great to have a structured program to follow and a place to track my stats as I went through it.

Leslie - Real estate agent

Most of my workouts are pretty traditional (barbell, dumbbells, and machines). I wanted to add something to my routine that would help my mobility and core strength, so I got the TRX Strength Builder.
I have to say, I'm very surprised with how stable it has made my core.

Highly recommend it!

Designed by Coach Rebecca

  • Semper Stronger Creator
  • Certified Personal Trainer - 8 years of experience
  • NSCA Tactical Strength And Conditioning Facilitator 
  • USAW L1 Sports Performance Coach
  • StrongFirst SFG Level II Kettlebell Coach
  • StrongFirst Iron Maiden
  • Semper Fit Trained
  • TRX Certified
  • Precision Nutrition Pn1 Certified
  • Jocko Fuel Sponsored Athlete
  • Award-Winning Fitness Industry Leader

Frequently asked questions

How long do the workouts take?

Workouts take 30-40 minutes

What equipment do I need?

All you'll need is a TRX or a similar type of suspension system.

How many workouts are scheduled per week?

There are 3 scheduled workouts each week.

How many sets and reps should I do?

Sets and reps are prescribed for each workout with detailed instructions.

Can I start any time, or do I have to start on a specific day?

The program will start on the day of purchase.

What if I have an injury or limitations?

If you are currently experiencing any injuries or pain, it is recommended that you consult with a doctor or healthcare practitioner before beginning any exercise program. 

How long will I have access to the program?

If you purchase the program as a one-off, you’ll be able to access it within the app for 2 months from the date of purchase.
If you’re a Semper Stronger member, you’ll have access for the duration of your membership.
Go here to check out our membership options.

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