Movement Coaching

Get the most out of your lifts and training. Dial in your technique. Improve your movement quality. 

Movement    Coaching

Get the most out of your lifts and training. Dial in your technique.

Improve your movement quality.

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Benefits of Movement Coaching

It's extremely important to build strength over proper movement at every age.

Improve Physical Performance

Adequate mobility and seamless technique are important, and often overlooked, components to building sustainable strength. Whether you want to compete as a high-level athlete or get stronger for everyday life, the importance of moving well and moving often cannot be overstated.

Prevent Injuries

Getting injured can set you back weeks, month, or even years. Learn to reduce injury so you can continue to progress and accomplish your goals. 

This leads us to increasing training sustainability.

Increase Training Sustainability

Don't just continue to train, keep moving the needle forward. Overcome training plateaus by making positive adjustments to your movements.

Learn How Your Body Moves & Why

The Semper Stronger coach will teach you THE HOW & THE WHY of the movement. This will help you become more confident and self-sufficient as you progress in your training.

Increase Movement Efficiency

You’ve heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder.” This applies to life, business, and also to fitness. Knowing how to move efficiently is a key component to getting the most bang for your buck on each exercise.

Eliminate Movement Dysfunction

After months and years of training, many of us have developed compensations or dysfunctions in our movement patterns, oftentimes without realizing it. With the eye and help of a trained movement professional, you can address and begin to correct these, allowing you to continue moving and getting stronger safely for years to come.

Three Easy Steps

Get Locked In!

Schedule a date a time for a live one-hour video call. It's easy! The available dates and times can be found by clicking the button above, or CLICK HERE .

Note: If you live in Dallas, this appointment can be scheduled as an in-person assessment.

Movement Coaching.

During the one-hour live video call (or in-person appointment), the Semper Stronger coach will assess your movement(s), technique, and posture.

The coach will provide expert feedback and correct visible dysfunctions of the movement(s) in question.

Take The Assessment With You.

At the beginning of the video call, the Semper Stronger coach will request permission to record the video call so that you can download the assessment.

This will provide you with a resource you can keep and use forever. 

What clients are saying...

Achieving my SFG 1 Instructor certification would have been near impossible without it!


Training on your own can be fun but it can also be a challenge. Thinking you know exactly how to do a movement after watching a video 10 times seems easy enough. Then you go to execute and practice the movement and you just can't get it down. It feels a little off. Thank goodness for Zoom coaching sessions with Rebecca. While training for my SFG 1 certification I knew each movement needed to be precise and perfect in execution. I needed real time coaching to get them perfect. Thanks to Zoom and Rebecca's coaching she was able to see where I was getting hung up and demonstrate how to properly execute the movement. I can still hear the tangible cues she gave me every time I am working with my kettlebells. I am grateful for the chance to get that real time coaching even though we are states apart! Achieving my SFG 1 Instructor certification would have been near impossible without it!


Stay-at-home mom & StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor

Start moving better today. Exceed your fitness goals all through better movements.

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