Longevity Training For Your Future Best Self

Are you a 40 to 50-something ready to make your health and fitness a priority in order to stay fit into retirement and beyond? Then this unique group training program is for you. Built on the premise that the work you put in now will continue to pay off as you age, Strength for Life is designed to give you the physical foundation you need to stay strong and live your best life for decades to come.


Here's what we'll cover in 12 weeks

  • Programming geared toward squatting and deadlifting for bone health
  • Plyometrics and explosive movements to preserve muscle tissue
  • Reaching your time goal for bar hang
  • Bodyweight skills (pushups and pullups)
  • Mobility work for joint health
  • Achieving your personal-best pace for zone workouts
  • Establishing a positive outlook on aging
  • Building physical and mental strength to carry you into the future

What you'll need (home or public)

  • Box (12” and/or 24”)

  • Pull-up bar (Strongly Encouraged)

  • Barbell rack (Optional)

  • Kettlebells* (women) 8kg, 12kg, 16kg 

  • Kettlebells* (men) 16kg, 20kg, 24kg

  • Medicine ball

  • Rucksack with weight (optional)

  • Cardio equipment – rower, bike, skier OR jump rope and running shoes

    *Double bells preferred but not required

Lifting, squatting, carrying – these are all fundamental movements that become more challenging as our bodies age. So why not nail them now so you can take on tomorrow like a Semper Stronger beast!


It's for strength. It's for self. It's for life.

You bring the mindset. We bring the motivation -- with weekly themes, workouts, form checks from your coach, group hangouts and more. This is an app-based program with a concierge coach. All workouts are modified to your personal strength, but we highly recommend you have achieved a base level of fitness in the past.

Week 1

The pillars of healthy aging-the Strength for Life overview

Week 2

Finding your true values. What is your personal mission statement?

Week 3

Setting boundaries, saying NO to others and YES to yourself.

Week 4

Importance of sleep for recovery.

Week 5

Mindfulness and stress management.

Week 6

Diet Part 1: Nutrition for the seasoned athlete.

Week 7

Diet Part 2: Pros & Cons of alcohol while we age.

Week 8

Importance of zone 2 training

Week 9

Importance of zone 5 training.

Week 10

Lifting heavy and joint health.

Week 11

Healthy habits through the decades.

Week 12

Fist pumps, wins and takeaways.

12-week program

$537 Paid in full

Next Session Starts 01/08/24

Meet your longevity leader
“I have a personal mission to live to be 100 and this is the work I’ve been doing to get me there. At 50, I’m in training for StrongFirst Iron Maiden so I can be as strong AF into my next decade!”

  • Certified StrongFirst SFG1/SFG2 (kettlebell) and SFL (barbell)

  • Yoga 200-hour

  • Certified ACSM exercise physiologist

  • BS in Kinesiology, University of Illinois

Join The Program

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Billed at once. With this option, you save 10% compared to the month to month option.

Month to month



$50 to save your spot. this is applied to your first month once the program starts. month 2 & 3 will be $199.

Frequently asked questions

When does the program start?

The program starts on January 8th and it will last 12 weeks.

Do I have to be in my 40s or 50s to join the group?

Anyone who is interested in training for their next decade is welcome.

What level of fitness do I need to participate?

Strength For Life for anyone with any level of fitness. 

What is the science behind the benefits of strength training at a later age?

At Semper Stronger, we follow the science and current research that shows longevity is tied to our muscle health. The following experts are just some of the ones we drew from when designing our Strength for Life program:

Dr. Peter Attia, a leading longevity doctor, outlines the importance of training for your next decade in numerous podcasts and articles:

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, an expert in Muscle Centric training and education has an extensive podcast library full of science backed tips and tricks:

Make 2023 your year to train for longevity!

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