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Nutrition Handbook For Members


The Semper Stronger Nutrition Handbook takes nutrition back to basics.
Whether you’re brand new to the world of health and fitness, or you’re a seasoned professional who knows the way around a gym, this handbook is the only tool you need to take control of your nutrition and diet for life.
Without all the gimmicks, fads, and latest trends.
It focuses on the pillars of solid nutrition and the practice of consistently nourishing your body.
Inside you’ll discover…
  • Why your great-grandparents had this all figured out and how you can copy them to make gains with your nutrition
  • The “palm method” for protein servings makes it easy to fuel your muscles with what they need to grow, repair, and get stronger
  • The big fat lie you’ve been sold for years and how ignoring it will set you free to enjoy delicious, healthy meals
  • Plus so much more
The Semper Stronger Nutrition Handbook has everything you need to nail your nutrition and create a custom approach for your lifestyle, goals, and tastes.

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