This program is designed to prepare Marines to successfully complete the CFT, while improving the Marine's movement patterns, strength, and conditioning.

Perfect for all current and future Marines

Whether you're currently active, reserve, aspiring, or close to retirement, this program is for you.

Supportive Tactical Community

You'll be part of a supportive community of other tactical athletes. You'll be joined to an in-app chat group with other Marines wanting to also crush their CFT and other fitness goals.

Video Demonstrations

We'll demonstrate each exercise, so you don't have to search elsewhere.
Easy to follow demos to help you nail every exercise and ensure you keep your form on point as you get stronger and more capable with every workout.

Track Your Stats 

Sync with your wearables, fitness trackers, and health apps to the Semper Stronger App. Log and track your progress, steps, calories, sleep, and much more.

Semper Stronger App & Web Access

Take it with you! With both mobile and web-based platforms, you can track your progress, access your resources, and communicate with your community from anywhere.


Apply For Access Here

*NOTE: Use a civilian email address

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