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About the Squad Membership

Daily Workouts

All of the Semper Stronger workouts include video walkthroughs and technique breakdowns so you nail every rep of every set.

Signature Programs

Get all of the Semper Stronger Signature Programs included with your membership.

Gold Memberships: All programs are FREE.

Silver Memberships: All programs are 20% off.

Start Tracking

Sync with your wearables, fitness trackers, and health apps. Log and track your steps, calories, sleep, and much more.

Live Workouts

Enjoy free live workouts every month. Get stronger, break a sweat, and have fun doing it live with the Semper Stronger community.

Strong Community

A supportive, strong, and like-minded community to accompany you on your strength journey.

And So Much More

1-on-1 Coaching

Semper Stronger Coaches are the best in the industry and will help you reach any fitness goal.


Live Q&As, video resources, PDFs, infographics, and more. 


Learn how to fuel your body the right way with the Semper Stronger nutrition resources. 

Our Mission

Physical and Mental Strength

Our mission is to empower you to build physical and mental strength so that you can overcome life's challenges with confidence.

About The Founder

I’m the head coach and co-founder of Semper Stronger, which I run with my husband, Joel, who is an active duty United States Marine.
I could list all my credentials here with a bunch of letters which may or may not mean something to you.
But the reality is you don’t really care about that.
You want to know who I really am so you can decide if I’m worth listening to.
And since you’re here because you want to get stronger…
I’m going to tell you what strength means to me.

Rebecca Rouse

Founder, Semper Stronger


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Our Silver membership gets you access to either our Bodyweight OR Kettlebell programs

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You also get 20% off our Signature Programs.

What's included

  • Daily Workouts
  • Join Our Community
  • 20% Off All Signature Programs
  • Full App Access
  • Connect Your Wearables
  • Track Your Progress

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